The e-book will include visual graphic and multimedia materials: 3D and 2D animations, videos, pictures, drawings, etc, in order to better communicate the contents and to, complementary, foster ICT based communication in students.

Objective and content

It will be structured in a matrix based in three different main topics: Biodiversity, Economy and Community. Then in three different type of contents: Basics, activities and implications. Under this matrix, (topics-type of content) consortium partners will built the proposal for content of the e-book, 






The life inside the forest/ Ecology

Forest, Economy/ Traditional vs Industrial

Forest and human life / Non Comercial Forest Products / Mithology


Forest and climate change

Outdoor recreation & culture consumption

Impact of human activities in the forest


Promoting forest protection and valorisation

Circular economy

Kit and activities for forest visiting

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Let’s work together

The students will work actively under the project in developing communication resources based in ICT, especially by recording and editing video clips. This will enhance their competences related to ICT and communication, which are currently considered key competences.