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Winners of the Careforest video competition

The international winners of the Careforest video competition are listed below:

To see  the national winners of the Careforest video please download the PDF below:

Video Competition

Partners have started disseminating the project’s video competition. The competition will be focused on young people from 13 to 18 years old. The content of the video must be related to forest, forest life, fire protection and sustainable rural development.

The deadline for uploading the video is June 15th !!!

On July 15th, 2021, the winner of the competition will be announced.  Prizes will be the following:

  • First prize: gift-check worth 600€ to spend on informatic equipment
  • Second prize: gift-check worth 400€ to spend on informatic equipment
  • Third prize: gift-check worth 200€ to spend on informatic equipment

Single prize: gift-check worth 400€ to spend on informatic equipment, to be awarded to the first classified in each country of the partner organizations.

Come on and take part in the competition!!!

Online Meeting CareForest November 18th 2020

Consortium partners discussed about the layout of the E-book sent by ATIN, decided that in order to reduce the quantity of text in the first approach to the e-book, partners in charge of developing the different units must work out a summary of each of the chapters of the developed unit of the e-book. All partners must send as much graphic materials as possible, namely pictures and video recordings, in order to incorporate them to the units of the e-book. Not only for the chapter they have produced, but for all chapters included in the e-book, in order to all units include graphic material form all involved countries. Particular attention will be made to send graphic materials developed by themselves of under a creative commons license. Partners agreed to organize the delayed meeting in Norway for April 15th – 16th.

2nd General Meeting Online – October 13th 2020

Partners discussed the pending content of the e-book and they have agreed to send the pending documentation as soon as possible. Partners agreed on the importance of including reflection questions for the youth. In addition, it has been agreed to send references for each of the chapters of the E-Book, and also include resources and other graphic materials with more content in each of the unit, mainly with didactic interest. The content of the E-Book will be translated into all the languages ​​of the partner countries.
Partners have proposed the timing of future activities.
Regarding the E-Book test, each partner will test it in at least 3 schools. This will serve to test the product and spread the word about the project and its products.

Regarding the virtual game, the promoters of the project show a proposal for it. The partners have proposed a number of modifications.
Regarding dissemination, partners agreed to send more resources, news, graphic material … in order to update the project website and social networks.
Regarding the video competition, work will begin as soon as possible, developing its bases.
Partners have agreed to meet online on November 17th 2020.

Meeting online
September 15th 2020

Partners agreed to send the sections of each chapter that should include references for the other countries. Furthermore, partners agreed to include references for each of the chapters.

Partners spoke about the interim report, in order to include the details for the staff on the management platform.

Regarding the training course, Partners agreed that the best option is to wait some time, in order to check if it is possible to do it face to face. If this is not the case, we will organise it to do online.

Meeting online
April 28th 2020

Partners have shared the work developed so far. The contents of the E-Book continue to be developed and adapted to each of the partner countries.
CareForest is included on the eTwinning, and it will be used for the dissemination and the contact with the target group of the project and organization that could be interested on the topic of the project.

Meeting online
March 3rd 2020

In the first place, during this meeting, they discussed the current situation caused by the pandemic in each of the partners involved in the project. Due to it, the meeting that would take place in May has been cancelled, and it will try to carry out in October 2020, if the health situation improves.
Regarding the contents of the E-Book, partners have agreed that during the next few weeks they will finish developing them, as well as the animations that must be included in each of the chapters. The partners have agreed that they would meet online at the end of April.

1st Kick-off Meeting – Santiago de Compostela
October 17th and 18th 2019

The project coordinator introduced the main aims and expected products of the project, as it is in the project application. Partners shared ideas about it and agreed in the importance of involving young people in the development of project activities from the very beginning, in order to be sure that the project results totally fits with needs of youngster in secondary education and, at the same time, to include their contributions in the project, mainly by involving them in field activities carried out around the rivers.
Consortium partners decided that the products will be developed using a cross approach. Regarding the technical approach consortium agreed on including different resources and methodologies, depending on the particular requirements of each topic: narrative, stories, animations, texts…

Formidlingsarrangement og læringsaktiviteter

Flere formidlingsarrangementer vil bli gjennomført i løpet av prosjektperioden, for å spre kunnskap og erfaringer fra prosjektet, og som del av arbeidet med læringsaktivitetene.

Formidlingsarrangement i Bryne (Norge)

Formidlingsarrangement i Brasov (Rumania)

Formidlingsarrangement i Santiago de Compostela (Spania)

Formidlingsarrangement i Aveiro (Portugal)

Læringsaktivitet i Santiago de Compostela

Kick of samling i Santiago de Compostela (17. og 18. oktober 2019)

2. internasjonale samling

3. internasjonale samling (tbd)

Siste internasjonale samling (tbd)

Internasjonale samlinger

Gjennom prosjektet vil det holdes internasjonale samlinger blant partnerne for å sikre og tilpasse prosjektgjennomføringen.



All informasjon relatert til prosjektet og dets utvikling.

ASPEA Aveiro involved 11 young volunteers in forest protection activities.

The ASPEA Aveiro Center involved 11 young volunteers in activities to protect and enhance forests and nature.

Youth Volunteer Initiative for Nature and Forests with the support of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth.

It is a youth volunteering program, which runs throughout the year, in the context of preserving nature, forests and their ecosystems. It is intended to sensitize the population, prevent forest fires and other catastrophes with environmental impact, monitor and recover territories affected by fires.

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ASPEA assinala Dia Da Floresta Autóctone com três ações de sensibilização.

O Núcleo da ASPEA (Associação Portuguesa de Educação Ambiental) Aveiro e a Direção Regional da Conservação da Natureza e Florestas do Centro, colaboram com o Centro Social Paroquial Nossa Senhora de Fátima através do CLDS 4G_Aveiro na Semana da Floresta Autóctone.

Celebrou-se esta terça-feia, dia 23 de novembro, o Dia da Floresta Autóctone que pretende “assinalar a importância das espécies que integram o património florestal nativo”, assim como “promover a sua conservação numa perspetiva de valorização do seu potencial ambiental, social e económico”, lê-se no comunicado da ASPEA.

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Know to respect nature

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Prosjektet er viet for å gi studentene kompetanse angående skog og klimaendringer, som i dag regnes som verdensomspennende nøkkelkompetanser.